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Immediately after the completion of studies, unable to tolerate the atrocities on dalit community, Periyasamy joined Naxalite movement in 1983.  In 1987, he was awarded death sentence and imprisoned till 1990, when Hon’ble High Court exonerated him.
During his jail days he had the opportunity of reading the books  of Dr Ambedkar, Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi and ancient history.  These books changed the mind of Periyaswamy to chose political and non violent path to improve the dalit community.  He realised  that  violence had no place in the civilised democratic society.
After coming out of prison in 1990, he started a political and social movement under the banner ‘Dalit Panthers Party’, popularly known as ‘Vidhuthalai Chiruthaigal’ (VCK) along with his friend Thol Thirumavalavan, to fight for the rights of dalit community in a peaceful and democratic manner.  He became the General Secretary of the party and brought together nearly 20 lakhs  dalit people of Tamil Nadu under this banner, to make this party as a powerful political force.
He also contested Lok Sabha Elections in 1999 (with Tamil Manila Congress alliance) and Assembly Election in 2001 (with DMK  alliance), under the banner of VCK. He could not win both elections.
In 2004, due to difference of opinion between himself and Thol Thirumavalavan, he quit VCK party and joined Bharatiya Janatha Party (BJP).  In 2004, he contested Lok Sabha election from Chidambaram constituency under BJP banner (with AIADMK alliance) and lost the elections.  Again in 2006, he contested from Varagur constituency  under BJP banner in the TN State Assembly elections and lost the elections.
Till date, he continues to be a member of BJP.


Under the advice and patronage of His Holiness Sri Kanchi Sankaracharya and His Holiness Sri Dayanada Saraswathi Swamigal, he created a non profit public trust ‘Nandhanar Sevashrama Trust’ to work exclusively for the development of dalit children under various parameters.
Since 2004, through this Trust, he is running 60 night schools in 60 villages covering more than 4000 dalit children of Perambalur,  Ariyalur and Cuddalore districts of Tamil Nadu.
Besides, he is also conducting tailoring and computer education to benefit the young ladies and school dropout students of these villages.
He is now actively involved in restoring the ‘Panchami lands’ from the illegal occupants and giving back to the original owners belonging to dalit community.
He is also presently campaigning against the conversion of dalit people into other religion, since the conversion deprives the converted dalit people the existing benefit .
When he was introduced to Former President of India Dr Abdul Kalam, he was highly impressed with his activities and offered to visit these villages and meet the children.  He also quoted him in his speech as to how a naxalite could turn out to be a social reformer.

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